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Ramon, thank you for being always open and available, to help me separate the straw from the grana and enlighten the shadows,

helping me seeing so many aspects of my life!


Ramon, you collect part of our fears, laughter, games, smiles, tears, cries for help, expressions of freedom,

and above all our respect and admiration for everything within your hert emabracing us.


For me, Holistic Consciousness is a whole, a network integrating mind, body and soul to feel well with oneself and with others.

As teachers, we have to make this network flexible, alive, allowing changes and  made from different materials, to help our students to become part of it.


For me, Holistic Consciousness is raising awareness of each part of the human being, in order to achieve the whole’s maximum.


Ramon, you are one of those who have contributed the most in harmonizing my life. First, I knew you as a guide, and you directed me to experiences that facilitated a new way of focusing my inner world and my environment. At first, I felt reticence towards your proposals, but little by little they helped me understand myself and others, which  served as a stimulus to continue exploring. It was then when my personal growth process took strength and configured, from your hand, a personal and profesional training. New stages in which I keept learning to explore and understand better the enormous magnitude of your work.


Ramon, since you appeared in my life, a lot of things in me have changed!

With your work, you taught me not to depend on things or people the way I used to when we met and, above all, to value all my potential and to love myself much more than I did before.


Holistic Consciousness is helping me a lot on a personal level. I think it removes within oneself and helps to know aspects of the self and find a balance where being better with yourself and others. It is also helping me on a professional level as it shows me different views of the students.


For me, Holistic Consciousness is a learning process: to see life from a global perspective, giving importance to all the aspects of a human being: body, mind, feelings…