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Holistic Massage and Doula Services

Holistic Massage

The purpose of this massage is to dissolve blockages that stop energy from flowing naturally, and to stimulate the general balancing and wellness of who receives the massage. Although sessions are personalized, they always offer a quality of mindful contact that fosters the restoration of balance and bodily presence. 

Depending on the different individual needs, work can focus on caring contact with the body, as well as on the unblocking or relieving of tensions and memories stored within the body. Breathwork is very important to help going through any pain or emotional movement in the session, this massage is an excellent opportunity to cultivate conscious breathing.

Doula Services

Doulas are women who support other women on the road to motherhood, both physically and emotionally, in the pre-conception stage, during pregnancy, birth and the puerperium. We recommend couples who are planning to have a child contact ESTEL to ask the advice of the Doula, since conception is a very important moment for the future life of the baby, although few people are aware of it and don’t take into account.

Guidelines and suggestions from the Doula will help you to prepare the best conditions for you a balanced conception, therefore, increasing the benefit of a healthy development of your child. As we said before, the Doula will also support you during pregnancy, birth and puerperium. She offers her services in hospitals births, birth centres and homebirth. The more intimate and loving the delivery, the smoother the baby’s transit into the extra-uterine space. Thus, the birth impact for the baby is greatly reduced, and both the baby’s adaptation to the world and the mother’s recovery will be faster and free of trauma.


If you feel reflected in one or more of the above points, ask for an interview, free of charge and commitment, please complete the form or send us a message (WhatsApp or sms) to the telephone number 696484746, Ramon. In this interview you will be able to explain your needs/concerns and the professional will assess the kind of support which considers most appropriate for you, for the couple, family, community or social institution. You will receive a proposal plan with one or more options, explaining the reasons and how it works, also you will be informed of the investment that implies. The most suitable professional for you will also be specified.