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Ramon V. Albareda

Creator and consultat of Estel

I am Ramon. I was born in a country house in Vallferosa (Catalunya, Spain). Nature was always around me when I was a child and it became the most important “university”, because I learnt how the natural process of life works and many other important things. That first experience settled the base of my personal life and my professional career.


Glòria B. Playà

General coordinator

I am Glòria. I was born in Terrassa (Catalunya, Spain). One of my most treasured memories from my childhood and teenage years were my summer holidays in a very little village next to Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park.There I had my frist real contact with nature and from that moment I have always had those memories in my mind as a real life exerience.


Jorge N. Ferrer

Coordinator in California (USA) and other countries

I am Jorge. I was born in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain). Motivated by research and deep knowledge of human being, in either their altered behaviour or their non-developed potentialities, I got a Clinical Psycology degree in Barcelona University. I participated in research projects in the same university and I was an intern in the ERASMUS program in Cardiff University, United Kingdom.


Team members

Anny Grau Beneteau


This is Anny. I can say my life has been a long sequence of unexpected events which (or maybe especially because of that) have become magic or synchronized events. All of them have shaped my identity with which I feel completely comfortable. In fact, I consider it to be the greatest gift of the world.


Alejandra Oliden Olivares

Masseuse and Doula

This is Alejandra. I was born in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain), although I lived many years in Balearic Islands. I can say I love Mediterranean Sea for its see-through waters, its depth and its ancient cultures. There I understood the essence and importance of working with plants, nature and the art of life.


Mercè Galimany Tort


This is Mercè. I was born in Sant Martí Sarroca (Catalunya, Spain). My childhood and teenage years were struck by my mother’s premature death and my narrow-minded family did not help. With the birth of my first child, I felt an overwhelming urge to have some changes in my life. ESTEL, Personal Growth Centre and Integral Studies School, was the answer to my need for changes.


Beatriz Colomer Real

Artisic expression and promotion

This is Bea. I regard myself as a happy, positive, creative, active and flexible to life changes. I was born in a small village in the south west of Valencia (Valencia, Spain). My birth was just after my twin brother but it was somehow exceptional: nobody expected me while my mom was pregnant or when she was in labour.