Part 1: How to manage and attend to EMOTIONS and FEELINGS in a holistic way

Are EMOTION and FEELING synonymous terms?


An emotion is an amplified body sensation that is not well defined, therefore the rational mind cannot yet identify it. The amplification of the sensation can be provoked by a situation or external agent that emits a vibration that comes into resonance with the vibration of some dormant aspect of our internal world.

If we compare emotion with the process of pregnancy, it corresponds to the embryonic stage, when the embryo is an amorphous mass with a heartbeat, but has not yet taken a definite shape with which it can be identified.

If we compare emotion with the evolutionary process of the language of the baby, it corresponds to the phase in which the baby begins to emit sounds, but not yet defined words which make sense. And if we compare it with the learning of writing, the emotion corresponds to the phase in which the baby scribbles, but is not yet able to write words defined by a meaning.

What is a FEELING?

A feeling is an evolved, matured, defined emotion, and so the mind can already identify and name it. The feeling is an emotion which has been received, developed and is ready to be expressed.

If we compare the feeling with the process of pregnancy, it corresponds to the foetal phase, the time that elapses from 10-12 weeks until delivery. At this stage, which lasts approximately 6 months in the case of the human being, the foetus matures, gradually taking on more defined a human form until it reaches a degree of maturity in which it is already prepared for birth.

If we compare the feeling with the evolutionary process of a child’s language, it corresponds to the phase in which, little by little, the child learns to articulate defined words and phrases, so that she can express herself in a clear way that is easy for the people around her to understand. And if we compare the feeling with writing, it corresponds to the stage in which the child is learning to write words and phrases that can easily be understood by the reader.

Emotion and feeling are therefore not synonymous. They are two sequences or phases of a maturation process. This differentiation is of paramount importance to understand how to manage and deal with emotions and feelings. We will see this in the next article.

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