Covid 19: How we can learn from the Covid-19 experience. Part 3

Although this article focuses on Covid-19, it can apply to any experience that we wish to take advantage of to learn and expand the field of our consciousness.

First, we must be clarify that an experience can be useless if we do not learn from it. It is said that “experience is the mother of science”, but this is only true if we know how to take advantage of what we live, whether positive or negative, to obtain learning and knowledge.

I have outlined below in a step-by-step and orderly manner how to learn from any experience, focusing on the example of the Covid-19 experience and its consequences:

1. We receive information of an objective fact: a virus, called Covid-19, is spreading very quickly and the government decrees a lockdown.

2. We react in several ways to this fact:

2a. Sterile, unhealthy reactions:

  • Criticize the government for having decreed a state of alarm and forcing a lockdown, without considering the factors that have motivated this decision.
  • Let ourselves be dominated by fear.
  • Investigate the origin of the virus in order to find culprits.
  • Anguish over not being able to leave home.
  • Desire what we do not have, or cannot do.
  • Remain stressed, despite the lockdown.

All these attitudes are not healthy because they miss the opportunity given by the lockdown to stop our usual stressful life, and also because they focus our attention outward.

2b. Fruitful, healthy reactions:

  • Stop our external activity, oriented towards the outside, and focus our gaze and attention inwards.
  • Invite the mind to relax and ask questions rather than seek answers. For example: What messages could this situation that is forcing us to stay indoors be bringing? What can the fact of being forced to stop our activity mean, given that we have often complained how stressful it all is? How come there are so many technological advances, there is so much knowledge, so much science, and yet no scientist can provide a solution to counteract the effects of a microscopic virus? If science cannot provide effective solutions to counteract the virus, does it make sense to only consider scientific knowledge and not open ourselves to other sources of knowledge? What does it mean to have people hoarding far more food than they really need? What social and community awareness do we have? Etc.
  • Accept with humility that the knowledge of our mind is very limited and sometimes even erroneous, embodying the Socratic expression “All I know is that I know nothing.”
  • Open ourselves internally to spirituality. This is nothing other than humble and receptive openness to the Source of Infinite Knowledge which manifests itself to us through inspiration, through the analogical path of knowledge, which we call intuition.
  • Inform ourselves, and be open to different sources of information, both official and unofficial. If science does not know everything, then official sources of information do not say everything either.
  • Collect diverse information without initially accepting any as definitive.  Before believing any information, it is necessary to hold it, reflect on it, and contrast it with other information and points of view, evaluate its coherence, and also apply common sense. For example, it is common sense that if we have a problem with our health or anything else and do not find a solution in official fields, we will seek a solution in unofficial ones. The only condition is that we do it in a way that is respectful towards ourselves, other people and the environment.
  • Participate in activism, based on human values ​​and committed to improving ourselves, society and general environment.

2c. Other considerations:

  • Any crisis situation in life is a golden opportunity to ask ourselves about the meaning of existence, and to ask ourselves if we are satisfied with our life. We must not forget, as Jewish mysticism says, that we are “incarnated souls”, and that our task, according to the vision of Holistic Transformation, is to transform the energy deposited within us from the moment of conception. Our orientation is therefore towards progressively expanding our consciousness and field of vision, getting closer to our origin, to the Infinity of Divine Energy, the only consciousness and vision which is truly Holistic. “Crisis” comes from the Greek verb “Krino”, which means “discern”, i.e. to undo the knots that stop us from managing our lives clearly and consistently.
  • If the Covid-19 crisis does not help us to thoroughly review our lives and make the necessary changes to broaden our consciousness, i.e. our vision of ourselves and life in general, it would be a real pity. We would have lost a golden opportunity to improve our own existence and that of the planet we are part of.

Ramon V. Albareda
Theologian, Psychologist and Sexologist
Creator and consultant of ESTEL, Centre for Personal Growth and
School of Integral Studies


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