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This November we offer you the rune Softness-Strength; two sides of the same coin that complement each other, whether you are a woman or a man. How soft and strong do you feel, think and



We start the autumn recuperating good habits, and we invite you share our space for reflection again. On this occasion we suggest you bring light with the rune: Perfection. It is a concept that locates

Summer, Light, Day, Air, Mind


This July we close the course with the summer rune, the final phase of the process, in which the fruits are ripe and will be collected to complete the process. Whether the harvest has been



This month we invite you to reflect on the concept of fulfillment. The true meaning of fulfillment refers to a constructive process with a firm foundation. If what we want, for example, is to build



This May we invite you to reflect on the concepts of creativity and pseudo-creativity. True creativity is carried out by "inspiration", through a "breath" or movement that starts from within the person, from their vital



In April we invite you to reflect with the rune of Resonance... Have you ever wondered what happens when the string of an instrument enters into resonance with the vibrations of the string of another



In March we invite you to reflect with the rune of genuineness. In the Holistic Transformation approach, genuineness is the raw material which comes from a reality common to all beings



This February we invite you to reflect with a new rune: Gestation. It is not always easy to experience a process of gestation since the transformation that occurs takes place in the dark.

Gathering inward – Isolation


We wish you a happy new year with January’s rune, and invite you to a time of gathering inward, to digest and gestate the previous year’s experiences and learnings, and prepare for those to come.