Health’s Holistic Assessment

We do an in-depth study to facilitate the self-awareness needed by the consultant to become what he/she really is. We evaluate the health status from a holistic perspective, to determine the factors that block a satisfactory state, and we assess how to enable an integral development. We evaluate individuals, couples, families, groups, and also social structures or institutions.

Candide Moix says: “In order to become who one is, one must first know himself deeply: temperament, character, qualities, successes, strengths, talents, potentialities, aptitudes, but also weaknesses, defects, limits and imperfections, Therefore, the goal is making the best to take advantage of who we are.

We all have qualities, talents and aptitudes. It is necessary for us to discover and develop them during our life. ”

(Candide Moix—PhD in Letters, Professor and Writer. Born in Valais, Switzerland, his childhood, raised in a rural setting in the mountains, made him appreciate the vital philosophy of peasants, the simple people.


If you feel reflected in one or more of the above points, ask for an interview, free of charge and commitment, please complete the form or send us a message (WhatsApp or sms) to the telephone number 696484746, Ramon. In this interview you will be able to explain your needs/concerns and the professional will assess the kind of support which considers most appropriate for you, for the couple, family, community or social institution. You will receive a proposal plan with one or more options, explaining the reasons and how it works, also you will be informed of the investment that implies. The most suitable professional for you will also be specified.