Holistic Consciousness

What it is

Holistic Consciousness supports people to experience, live and understand how, by respecting the natural cycles of life, a harmonious and healthy development of the human being is achieved. We understand health and well-being in all human aspects: the different levels: body, primal-vital, heart, mind and consciousness; the two polarities: give-receive; strength-softness; receptivity-proclivity etc., and the two dimensions: individual and community. From our perspective, the degree of coherence and harmony between all these aspects is what determines the state or degree of health of individuals, couples, families, groups and social structures or institutions.

HC is a very suitable framework for people who want to experience Holistic Transformation and/or start an integral development process.

Who may attend

  • Adults interested in their own integral development.
  • Professionals working in an education field and with human relations.
  • Parents, by their own or with their children.

What can provide

  • Greater self-knowledge and a better profit of owns abilities, ex:
    • Entering the different levels of human being: body, primal-vital, heart and mind.
    • Learning how to flow between the polarities of human beings: masculine-feminine, soft-strong, etc. In order to reach the balance and integration of these polarities.
    • Integrate and harmonize both individual and social (community) dimensions.
    • To discern between genuine essence and inherited/learned patterns which limit us.
    • Connection with your inner genuine potential.
    • Fluency with the natural processes of life’s cycles.
    • A remarkable improvement in the relationships of couples and families.
    • A clear and precise orientation to promote owns integral development.
    • Health improvement and well-being in all aspects.
    • Knowledge of the holistic perspective based on the own experience.
    • An approach to what could be the true meaning of human existence and tools to apply it.
    • Conocer y aprender a fluir entre las polaridades que nos constituyen como seres humanos: masculino-femenino, suave-fuerte, etc. para ir consiguiendo el equilibrio y la integración de estas polaridades.
    • Integrar y armonizar las dimensiones individual y social (comunitaria).

How it works

We work all the aspects mentioned in What it is? We make a brief introduction to the level we are working, usually we start with the body, since it is the base/structure that contains and sustains our own vital energy. Then, we combine practices in which the whole group participates with others carried out in the small groups. When we are finished, we elaborate the experience lived by each one of the participants, thus constructing knowledge starting from the own experience and the one of the companions.

How it works

It is an intensive meeting at weekends: 12 hours/meeting (Saturday morning and afternoon, Sunday morning).

Regular intensive meetings may be organized as well: 3 hours/week or fortnight

NOTA: Either Holistic Consciousness or Holistic Sexuality/Integration may be applied individually or complementary to the group work.

The number of participants per workshop is limited.