Holistic Dance

What is it?

Holistic Dance is a practice which invites us to get into the dance of life and to learn how to let ourselves go with the flow through cyclical movements between activity and rest.

It is the dance we all have, inside us. We create an inspiring atmosphere in order to help our own innate and genuine movement to flow. We express and show anything that comes from within, we do not restrict it nor do we imitate other’s movement.

We consider the dance of life as a flow between our polarities: activity-rest, inside-outside, hard-soft, male-female, sexual-spiritual, etc. This coming and going between our polarities helps us to know and understand our possibilities. By doing that, we induce these polarities to become complementary, creating balance, harmony and therefore we favor our well-being, joy of living and our integral heath.

This practice is born from the concern to offer a place to express and communicate ourselves through our body and movement as individuals and as a group.

We offer a well-cared, warm environment with welcoming and respectful sensitivity. We believe that a free and liberating atmosphere enables self-knowledge and helps our truest being flourish.

Holistic Dance practice offers the possibility to connect with our genuine essence and express it as individual as well as a group.

We offer a three hour session in a warm and comfortable environment free from stereotypes and social conventions. We guide you through breathing and music to connect with your inner dance.

Holistic Dance: Eros & Spirit

We work with the primal sexual energy which is capable of engendering life. This most genuine and sacred energy can heal tendencies, patterns and references that have been recorded on an embodied/energetic level, and that hinder the development of the potentials needed for our integral evolution.

This is why we work in a caring and respectful environment.

We accompany participants to connect with this genuine, sexual energy, and offer the opportunity to experience it in a new way to heal old patterns and develop a coherent and healthy model.

Sometimes we have very old and deeply entrenched tendencies, which require a coherent social framework in order to change them.

Letting go of obstacles, we open ourselves to the depth of the mystery where sexual erotic energy and the energy of spiritual consciousness can connect and integrate.

Who may attend

  • Anybody who wants to discover new possibilities through body movement.

  • Anyone who wants to know themselves through the language of  the body, empower their own genuine identity, feel the flow of energy and the joy of living. This can also help participants learn how to relate to others through dance.