Cycle of Educational Dialogues on Holistic Transformation

We are currently experiencing times of unprecedented challenges for humanity that are demanding a deep revision and renewal of our structures, forms and contents; on personal, social and collective levels.

This implies a great opportunity, and also a great responsibility, to lay the foundations for future development. Personal growth, cooperative work, holistic education, the revival of basic values, the importance of cultivating healthy relationships, esteem for one’s own body and the integration of properly understood feminine and masculine values, are fundamental aspects that must be contemplated and lived from a holistic vision.

This cycle of dialogues introduces the Holistic Transformation approach, developed over more than 40 years through the experience and professional therapeutic work of its co-creator Ramon V. Albareda, and current coordinator of ESTEL, holotherapist and educator Glòria B. Playà. Holistic Transformation is a path of participatory awareness that contemplates the different levels of the human being: somatic, vital/sexual, emotional and mental, and our polarities. Its reference is the processes of nature and its objective is integral evolution.

Ramon, Glòria and guests will share their vision of how this holistic approach is relevant in our times, and can contribute to bringing health and well-being to the lives of people, institutions and society in general.

Dialogue 1: Holistic Transformation: An approach to personal and social development for our times.

With Ramon V. Albareda, Glòria B. Playà and guests
Sunday 29 November 2020 19: 00-20: 00 (GMT +1)

This first dialogue introduces the process of energy transformation that takes place when a person begins a process of Holistic Transformation.

What happens when we awaken the primary energy? What happens when the primary energy is received by the body and accompanied by our somatic, emotional and mental worlds? What happens when we co-create structures to express ourselves coherently in everyday life? And how can this primary energy help us to transform inherited patterns and tendencies that stand in the way of personal and collective well-being?

Dialogue 2: Holistic Transformation: Eros and Spirituality

With Ramon V. Albareda, Glòria B. Playà
Sunday 3 January 2021, 19: 00-20: 00 (GMT +1)

Shame associated with the body and taboos of sexuality continue to endure in more or less subtle ways from our ancient cultural legacy. What if we regain awareness of our eros as the immanent source of the life we ​​experience in this body? We can also observe how the dominant materialist paradigm draws us away from our spiritual dimension. What if we open ourselves to awareness beyond our limited being? In this dialogue we will explore the human polarities of sexuality and spirituality, and their integration into an embodied spirituality and a sacred sexuality.

Dialogue 3: Holistic Transformation: Cultivating Holistic Relationships: Part 1

With Ramon V. Albareda, Glòria B. Playà and guests
Sunday, February 7, 2021, 19: 00-20: 00 GMT + 1

Dialogue 4: Holistic Transformation: Cultivating Holistic Relationships: Part 2: Towards new relational models

Sunday, March 7, 2021, 19: 00-20: 00 GMT + 1
With Ramon V. Albareda, Glòria B. Playà and guests

As individual and social creatures we need to maintain a balance between these two dimensions of our BEING. In a society sustained by powerful infrastructures, how can we develop this being without each person’s genuine self becoming blurred in the globalized and technological social structure? Intimate relationships are an opportunity for us to grow and develop our individual aspects. We need new ways of relating beyond those recognized by the social structure. In this dialogue we consider how we relate to each other. What does developing and taking care of relationships mean from a holistic perspective? What are our contemporary challenges to sustaining conscious relationships? What are the keys to opening constructive paths for the well-being of everyone involved?