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Family of heart

familia cor gathThe family of hearts is a family project within the framework of AMI Relations (see the chapter of Ramon V. Albareda Sexualidad, the exciting adventure of life, Part Three: AMI Relations, in the Publications section of this same Web , which you can check online or download).

We call it family of heart because we are united by the feeling of family, that is, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE unites us -without ties or contracts- and this leads us to a deep commitment with ourselves, with the other components of the family and with life in general. The family of heart is, then, a form of coexistence very free of structures, which is fundamentally based on mutual trust and unconditional love. At the moment we are three people involved in this experience, open to expand the family with someone else, man or woman, who has made a personal work process and has reached a degree of maturity and self-esteem that gives autonomy and ability to manage their life without unhealthy dependencies.

It is true that there are many couples and families who have found, in the traditional model, their happiness and well-being, but it is also true that statistics say that officially registered couples divorce more than 60%. This reality makes us think that there have to be other ways of establishing intimate and affective bonds different from the traditional model.

This project of family of heart, inspired by this current reality, wants to be an alternative model of family for people who feel that the traditional model of couple and family limits, conditions, paralyzes, chokes, or simply does not motivate them.

 This life option is a third way for people who are interested in new family alternatives, different from those of the traditional model, and also for those who have lived as a couple and have been able to experience how this way of life is a structure that limits and drowns their creativity and the joy of living. in a similar way to the GATH project, we are on the way, but the journey we have made so far allows us to feel very hopeful and optimistic, learning many things, one of which is the inescapable need to have a personal process of therapy or transformation , or do it in parallel.
Who is interested in knowing more about this project and our experience, to get in touch with us.

 We propose to integrate into this project the benefits of living alone with the advantages of living in the family, maintaining individual freedom – without becoming individualists – while maintaining the warmth, tenderness … AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, which awakens and reinforces the union between the members of the family of hearts.

For us, the family of hearts is an option of constructive, open and stimulating life of our integral development. The fact of being more than two people helps us not to polarize ourselves in the closed and exclusive duality. We should not forget that both life and love transcend any type of closed structure. Pretending to end the life and love in a closed structure inevitably implies that life and love get drowned and disappear, in the face of the need to breathe new airs. We could compare what happens in a closed relationship with what happens in a room that never vents, or in a stagnant water pool.