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Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage aims to stimulate the general improvement of your well-being. Touch and conscious breathing contribute to undoing the knots and blockages that prevent your natural flow of energy, causing pain and discomfort. Massage sessions are personalized, attending to your different needs in the present moment, and are based on offering a kind of contact that guides you towards equilibrium and presence at different human levels (body, energy, emotional and mental.)

Massage connects us to our most basic structure: our body. Body pain, from a muscle contraction to a digestive problem, is often a sign of deeper imbalances. Taking care of the body is a healthy way to take care of ourselves.

The sessions always begin with a brief personal interview.

Seasonal rituals

Life is cyclic. Every year is different, but in each one we find the four seasons that shape the diversity of nature. This nature that changes its appearance according to the season is a good reference for the various aspects of human beings: from the explosion of shapes and colours of spring to the stillness of winter, people live immersed in this nature that gives us all the keys to integral health.

Seasonal rituals are a good way root ourselves in the present moment, and in each season’s energy, to go deeper into personal aspects.

Rituals are meditative massages guided by the therapist, highlighting seasonal and referential characteristics. They are accompanied with aromatherapy. The session ends with a meditative silence for creating an artistic expression.

Pre Part and Postpartum Massage

During pregnancy the woman’s body is visibly transformed as there are many changes occurring inside. Body work helps us reposition the body and stretch it to accommodate the new life that is being transformed. We will relieve joint and muscular tensions that appear with the movement of the hips and become painful, revitalize blood flow to improve the drainage of the legs and, above all, we will offer a space to be and connect with this unique moment of life.

Pre and postpartum massage is designed for both men and women who are in the process of becoming fathers and mothers, from conception to parenting.


If you feel reflected in one or more of the above points, ask for an interview, free of charge and commitment, please complete the form or send us a message (WhatsApp or sms) to the telephone number 696484746, Ramon. In this interview you will be able to explain your needs/concerns and the professional will assess the kind of support which considers most appropriate for you, for the couple, family, community or social institution. You will receive a proposal plan with one or more options, explaining the reasons and how it works, also you will be informed of the investment that implies. The most suitable professional for you will also be specified.