Holistic Meditation

What it is

Holistic Meditation develops comprehensive spirituality which incorporates our voice and wisdom of our body, instinct, heart, mind and conscience.

Nowadays society tends to value activity, action, productivity, rapidity… rather than retreat, slowness, silence, repose… This tendency leads to many health alterations: stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia, etc. As a consequence, there is a growing need to go back to natural pace of life and to promote balance between activity and rest.

Holistic Meditation involves contemplative and respectful physical contact among participants. This enables us to connect to our genuine harmonious being again and to promote an opening to transcendence (that is how we understand spirituality).

Who may attend

Any person (children from 6 years old, teenagers and adults) who is interested in interactive meditation which involves every inch of a person (body, vital energy, emotions-feelings and mind) and takes care of the individual, social and spiritual part of a human being

What can provide

  • Rest, peace and serenity. It reinforces the spiritual opening and connection.

  • Consciousness of our own reality and the environment we interact with.

  • Greater body and mind union, vital energy and emotions-feelings union.

  • Deep connection with natural harmony of our being.

  • Reinforcement of the relationship people have with their environment, based in love and unconditional acceptance.

  • It develops a sense of community.

  • It makes integration easier in individual and social level.


How it works

Holistic Meditation can be practiced as a complement to another workshop, or as specific practice in agreed days and times.