Sexuality / Holistic Integration

What it is

It is necessary to clarify the use of the term Sexuality in our work. We understand that sexual energy is a source of life, regeneration and creativity, within all human beings.
This practice is for people who want to go deeper into Holistic Transformation. Strengthens the healing and growth of the person at all levels, promotes harmony and coherence between primary energy and spiritual energy. We work in an experiential way, involving body, sexual energy, heart, mind, spirituality and nature. Enhances each participant’s genuine identity and awakes self-inner guidance. Participants learn the awareness of their own capacities and limits, in order to regulate the process themselves. Working with the primary, sexual energy, allows a renewed conception and gestation, and the rebirth to a new life, coherent and harmonious with our genuine being.
As we said, this is an experiential practice and involves physical contact. Contact is always respectful, unintentional, non-sexual, and enhances acceptance and awakening of the different aspects of human reality.

Who may attend

Adults who, due to their health needs or personal anxiety, want to deepen in their transformation process and bet for a holistic development from their genuine being.

What can provide

    • Deepening the practice of unconditional acceptance as a fundamental key for personal and community healing, growth and transformation.

    • Recognition and acceptance of one’s sexual and spiritual reality.

    • Progressive release of shame associated with the body and sexuality. This liberation is necessary to facilitate the incarnation of the primary energy, since shame opens and closes the body

    • Identification of different ways for integrating sexuality and spirituality in everyday life.

    • Consciousness of the impact of integrating sexuality and spirituality in the heart emergence from its essential nature, beyond established referents and patterns.

    • Identification of access routes to the essential heart itself.

    • Integration and harmonization of the two polarities, the feminine and the masculine, present in all people, women and men, awakening the creative potential generated by integration.

    • Integration and harmonization of the individual and social (community) dimensions, present in all people, awakening the harmonizing and creative potential that emerges.

    • Learning how to manage your own human reality, attending personal and unique concerns and conflicts, beyond references and psychological and cultural patterns, inherited or learned.

How it works

We work all the basic aspects of good human health: body, vital energy, emotions-feelings, logical-analogical mind, openness to transcendence (spirituality); also the two polarities (receptivity-proclivity), and the two dimensions (individual-social).
We begin with a mobilization practice and a brief introduction to the level we work, usually prioritizing the body, since it is the basis or structure that contains and sustains the vital energy itself. We explain the practice that we are going to carry out using a demonstration as an example. We combine practices in which the whole group participates with others carried out in small groups, proposed by the members of the group and agreed upon by the participants.

The practices agreed upon by members of the group are called “contracts”, a denomination created by Ramon V. Albareda at the end of 1970s, when he began this project which involves sexuality. These contracts were designed to denominate group practices of two, three or more people who reach an agreement and set the answers to these questions: what, how, where, how long and unbreakable limits that each of them settles. This modality and term of “contracts” was created in the framework of Holistic Sexuality/ Holistic Integration, also conceived by Ramon V. Albareda. Later on Marina T. Romero joined the team as a professional.

At this new stage we have decided to change the term “contracts” to “agreements”. We believe that agreement is a term which reflects a clearer meaning of these practices in limited groups.
At the end of the practiced agreed, we invite all the attendees to write down whatever they felt and went through so as to build collective knowledge based on our partner’s and own personal experience.
(Read more) Group practices, agreed practices as well as the writing process which comes afterwards help people to be conscious of all the previously mentioned aspects which create a human being, provide self understanding as holistic beings. It helps people to improve their inner self and to be at ease with their surroundings. It is a process which leads all of us to self knowledge, to go in depth and transform our primary sexual energy in a harmonious and constructive way in line with three levels of structure: corporal, emotional and mental, following this exact order.

How it works

It is an intensive meeting at weekends: 12 hours/meeting (Saturday morning and afternoon, Sunday morning).

Regular intensive meetings may be organized as well: 3 hours/week or fortnight

NOTA: Either Holistic Consciousness or Holistic Sexuality/Integration may be applied individually or complementary to the group work.